Sunday, February 17, 2019

Ishq Di Baajiyaan (Cover)

Song : Ishq Di Baajiyaan

Movie/Album: Soorma (2018)

Original Singer : Diljit Dosanjh & Shankar Mahadevan

Music : Shankar Ehsan Loy

Lyrics : Gulzar

Monday, February 4, 2019

Nakhrewali nakhrewali (Cover)

This is a song that I have performed quite a few times because it is a big hit with the audience. In the below video there is first a snippet from one such performance followed by a home recording of the same song.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Tum Hi Ho (Cover)

This was a song that I recorded and posted a couple of weeks ago on Youtube; just hadn't added it here on my blog. Anyway, here goes the song, if you missed it before. It's from a movie named Aashique 2 that was released in 2013. The original singer of the song is Arijit Singh, who is the most popular male playback singers currently in India. The composer of the song is Mithoon Sharma.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Nainheen Ko Raha Dikha Prabhu (Cover)

Last week, I had sung a song that was based on Raga Darbari Kanada. I got into the Darbari Kanada mood again today, when a friend forwarded me this bhajan that was originally sung by K. L. Saigal. This is a beautiful bhajan describing the pain of blind Hindu saint from 16th century, Sant Surdas.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Sagarey Adhira Nila Taranga (Cover)

Here's one more Odia song. This was originally sung by the inimitable Sikander Alam. I believe this song was released in a non-filmy album, but I am not completely sure. I don't know who the lyricist and composer of the song, so am not being able to provide that information. If you know, please share that information in the comments.

For the non-Odia folks, here's my rough translation of the lyrics of the song:

The Ocean's blue waves are impatient.
The clouds of have colored the sky like the dark kajal.

A dusky beautiful girl covered with dirty soil
Is flooding my body with intense emotions
The love of the rain has finally found its companion.

The cold breeze is bringing in the fragrance of the flowers
The sound of the wind is making charming sounds
Oh, what a luxury it is to witness the raindrops falling and playing jalataranga!

Kajal: It is a dark cosmetic used as an eye-liner by women in the Indian subcontinent.
Jaltaranga: It is a melodic percussion instrument that uses different levels of water in ceramic cups to tune them to different notes.