Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Today morning I died

I have never posted a poem on my blog. But there's always a beginning. So, here's one that I wrote today:


Today morning I died,
And crossed the great divide.
But there’s nothing to be sorry,
For life before was blurry.

Now the world is clear,
And there’s no sense of fear.
Because I live in the moment,
And that’s the best present.

I still experience pain,
But I’m not waiting for it to wane.
Be it pain or pleasure,
Now everything I treasure.

The treasure’s not to stockpile,
But to throw down the Nile.
For nothing belongs to me,
And that sets me free.

I struggled a lot before,
With what was of yore,
But I had no reason to fight,
After I saw the light.

Now don’t get me wrong,
To Buddhahood do not I belong.
At least not yet,
But with me I have met.

When I looked for me,
I found myself empty.
But emptiness is great,
For it is a creative state.

Even better is death,
When I don’t hold my breath,
For what is to come.
Then all that’s there is Om.

So in the primordial sound,
I lost myself and found.
Today morning I died,
And crossed the great divide.


  1. How wonderful that the poem had the power to bring me to state of myself.Thanks Pareah

  2. so you are reaching a state of self-actualization.god beginning.

  3. so you are reaching a state of self-actualization.Good beginning.

  4. @ Aparna, I am glad you could relate well with the poem. Thank you.
    @ Prachi, I am not sure about self-actualization, but you are absolutely right about I just making a beginning. Thank you.

  5. It went above my head not ur poem but ur creativity....Hey are u ther.....ha ha ha well wrote..

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Lopa!

      Thanks also to all others for your kind comments.