Friday, September 16, 2022


From a spirited childhood
To a spiritual adulthood 
From embodied joy
To embodying stress

From the simplicity of being 
To the complexities of doing  
You move through
The first half of your life.

You become spiritual
Not to seek the Divine
But to fulfill your material desires 
And to cope with inevitable failures.

You accept the limited
In place of the unlimited.
What should have freed you
Instead imprisons you.

This journey continues
With many twists and turns
Your spirits rise and fall
With every ebb and flow.

Until that day
When you become aware
Of your true nature
That is Sat-Chit-Ananda.

For most of us
It happens slowly but surely
You get disentangled
From your self delusions.

One by one
You drop your masks
And the defenses
You had built over the years.

They had to go
Because they could not
Hide you from Yourself
Or protect You from you.

You feel a little vulnerable
But also much lighter
You shed the dead weight
And then the Spirit soars.

This is the beginning
Of a new journey
A return to your childhood
To a life of simplicity and joy.

Where you can move
Beyond false pretensions
Of being spiritual
To being spirited again.

Photo Credit: Robert Collins on Unsplash

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