Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Power of Touch

I was not planning on writing any poem today, because I wanted to work. But while working, a line popped up in my head, and so I had to pay attention to it. Fortunately, the lines flowed smoothly, and so the poem was done pretty quickly. So, here's another poem from me. I think I will call it, "The Power of Touch."


There comes a time,
When you cannot climb,
The ladder of life,
Once on which you felt alive.

That is when,
Men and women,
Seek each other,
Father, mother, brother, and sister.

However subtle,
May be my struggle.
It causes stress,
So I need your loving caress.

With the power of touch,
You free the clutch,
Of depressive moods,
That every mind sometimes includes.

Kind words are good,
But wish they could,
Provide solace,
That you feel in a warm embrace.

Thus, give a hug,
For it is a drug.
And be present,
For that will bring all contentment.

So that is it,
In every bit,
When sincere,
A touch can cure, all ills for sure.


  1. wow...interesting !! It is quite true and powerful...

  2. wonderful poem..i will file this away and read it whenever i feel stressed out or lonely

  3. Thank you, Ram. I am very happy to know that the poem touched your heart. :)

  4. Keep it up u are on ur way to happiness Paresh...cheer up

  5. Touch has a "Power"... of conveying what words cannot really sometime medicine and comforts of security...Just have faith in urself and to ur thoughts coz if ther is no faith u wll KNOW fear and if u KNOW faith then ther will be no the life the way u like thats 'The Paresh'.