Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Learning how to bake a cake

Three days ago my friend-Rama taught me how to bake a cake from scratch. I had never baked a cake before, not even using ready made cake mixes. So, I thought learning how to bake a cake would be fun. And it sure was. Anyway, after baking the cake, I took a picture of it (the picture above) and posted it on Facebook. The picture attracted quite a bit of attention from my friends. Several of them requested for the recipe. So, I asked Rama to help me bake another cake. Since the first cake was devoured very fast, it was time for another cake anyway :-). This time we shot the entire baking process too. So here it is, a video recipe of an all-natural cake with almond icing:

To watch more recipes from my friend, click on this YouTube link.

Hope you try the cake out! Baking is fun. More importantly, no bakery's cake will ever be as tasty as a home baked one.


  1. Beautiful cake !!
    We all appreciate your time you put into baking this cake again to share the recipe with us.
    So well narrated by Rama ma'am !!
    Yippee, will try baking this cake at home at new year :-)

  2. Thank you, Tinu! I'm positive you will have a lot of fun baking your cake. Make sure you make Subashish do all the hard work. :-)