Saturday, February 6, 2010

Meditating on Hollywood

Who said Hollywood is all glamor and materialistic? Hollywood is probably more spiritual than the greatest saints the world ever had. It follows Hindu and Buddhist philosophies to the core. The biggest evidence for this are the Hollywood movies themselves. In Hollywood, stories never end. They just lead to sequels and prequels. That is life in full circle there. Every end becomes a new beginning, and every beginning another end. Then, look at those 'glamorous' actors and actresses who are reborn in every new movie with a different look and personality. If an actor is a tyrannical king in one movie (read life), in the second he may be a timid simpleton, in the third a suave corporate executive, and in the next just a lowly rat or a grasshopper. Often when in the role of an animal or insect, the actor (read soul) does some really great deeds, which wipes out his bad karma from being a tyrant in a previous movie, and he is reborn as a human being again. Of course, there are some actors who just do the same thing over and over again, but that happens in the cosmos of life as well, when some souls do not learn anything from their current births. It is no wonder then that these actors are usually the muscle rippling action stars, who do not see anything beyond their physical prowess.

Anyway, friends, next time you see me watching a movie, know I am not just watching a movie. Instead, I am meditating on the mysteries of life—mysteries which you can only hope to understand through Hollywood. Hollywood is the microcosm of life. It is the microcosm of the entire universe. Oh, but I got to stop here, because it's time for my next round of meditation. There is no point in I just preaching about Hollywood; you have to experience it yourself. You have to meditate, if you do want to get enlightened. Just remember to breathe well while you are meditating. There is no reason for any 'bated breath' here.

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