Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Synchronizing Self

Since my last post in early January, I have been thinking of adding a new post on my blog, but haven't been able to until hopefully now. I almost came to posting a melodious patriotic song on 26th January--India's Republic Day. However,, the website where I store my recordings, repeatedly hung when I tried to link it up with my blog. was probably working fine a day or two after, but then I didn't feel like adding my recording to the blog. The problem was that it didn't sound as good as it did to me on the day I recorded it.

Having second thoughts about a post actually does not happen often. There is usually never have a dearth of topics to write about on my blog either. However, after dealing with the struggles of everyday life, usually I am too tired to write for my blog. And that is my biggest hurdle in blogging. Blogging is surely fun for me, but that does not necessarily mean that I always find it easy. It certainly involves effort to put thoughts coherently in black and white. And late evenings--the times when I think about writing for my blog--are the times when my energy level is at its lowest. So, despite having ideas and thoughts that I believe will be of interest to my readers, I am usually not very motivated to type them out at 10 o'clock in the night.
come to my mind

It has long been known that people's energy levels vary through out the day. Our bodies follow a 24 hour cycle called the "circadian rhythms." The circadian rhythms provide good predictions about when we are likely to be most alert, have fastest reaction times, have best physical coordination, and so on so forth.

Our chaotic lifestyles can disrupt this natural clock in our bodies, but
This natural clock that exists in our body is influenced by several factors
embedded in our bodies.
Human beings have natural clocks

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