Saturday, July 25, 2015

A good life

What is a good life?
The one without strife?
Having friends of your type?
Or living fit till age ripe?

Having a spouse supportive?
Engaging in something creative?
Earning a lot of money?
Or having a cute baby?

The wise say, "None of these."
Good life isn't about goodies.
It is about doing your duties
Like accomplished karma yogis.

And I do practice karma yoga
But being an amateur fella
I often fail to practice
Especially, when I go off axis.

Then like most human beings
I wallow in negative feelings.
Giving up on myself, I quit
Instead of living life with grit.

So now I strive to be at ease
Howsoever rough are the seas.
I may swim or may drown
What matters is I do not frown.

With this motto, I live my life
That I will never fuss and gripe.
For a good life is not outside me,
It is my soul and esprit.

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