Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Comforting Hand

I dreamt one night,
My girl leaving me,
But that's all right.
Life has no guarantee!

So I got into my car,
And turned on the key,
To drive away so far,
Where I would be free.

I saw in my dreams,
Getting my release,
Rowing in the streams,
Towards a precipice.

When came the fall,
I freely rolled down,
With a jubilant call,
Prepared to drown.

But deep under water,
When I fought for air,
My mind began to wonder:
This must be a nightmare!

But wasn't I wrong!
For when I gave up,
A hand came along,
And pushed me up.

When I reached the top,
The hand was gone,
But I can't ever stop,
To wonder when alone...

Whose hand was it?
I couldn't see Her face,
That I have to admit,
But I felt Her caress!

And the effect's there,
Even after many years,
I feel Her loving care,
When I'm in tears.


  1. hello dr. paresh mishra
    aapki poetry jitne baar padhti hoon mere dimag me naye naye khayal aate hai. jab maine is poetry ko aaj din me padha mere dhyan ek hi line par fix tha MY GIRL LEAVING ME dusri line thi TO DRIVE AWAY SO FAR mujhe ek thought aaya dopahar se ab tak mujhe laga is thought ko ab mujhe phek dena chahiye dr. sahab ke mooh par 'that means ek nayi ladki tujhe catch kar chooki hai and apne liye vo tujhe car drive karne ke liye keh rahi hai tabhi to tu pehli ladki ko chhodkar gaya ladki ne tujhe chhoda kya aur tune ladki ko chhoda kya baat to ek hi hai separate hona hai' pata hai yar mere na bohot hi ghatiya thought hai. nahi mujhe bilkool smjh me nahi aata main is tarah choodail ki tarah kyu sochti hoon you know what school me mujhe cheating karne ke khayal aate the mehnat se pass hone ke khayal mere dimag me kabhi bhi nahi ate the you know what is waqt bhi aisa lag raha hai kyu main ye ghatiya email likh rahi hoon teri tarah kuchh achcchha likhoo kaash

    1. Hello Smita,
      Actually, I believe "tumne bahut achcha likha," because by sharing your secret thoughts, you have shown yourself to be much more matured than you believe yourself to be. You will appreciate what I am talking about when you watch this video:
      Thank you,