Sunday, January 27, 2013

Touch of Light

Oh, I have died before,
But let me die again,
For what is life for,
But to break the chain?

That shackles us all,
To falsehoods and mirages,
And causes us to fall,
In our own images.

So let me die tonight,
To be born anew,
With the touch of light,
That takes us through.


  1. Has a deep and profound meaning...quite thoughtful..

  2. Both the meaninglessness/meaningfulness of life have been beautifully captured Paresh. Now its upto the reader to interpret it this way or that.We can have hours of discussion on this :) Looking forward to it! Good Job! Keep writing KABI- sim

    1. Thank you, Simmi, for your kind words...and for sharing the inspiring story that you did with me today. It was a good reminder of how interconnected, synchronous and mysterious our world really is. Makes me very opti-mystic. :)