Saturday, September 4, 2010

When life is a helium balloon

Today, in a moment of deep thought, a vivid metaphor came into my mind. Here it is:
"Life is often like a helium balloon. It keeps moving upward. As it gains height, it expands and expands. Then, it just suddenly bursts."

Like the helium balloon, we are often in a hurry of moving upward on the ladder of success. We don't rest for a moment. We don't take a breath. We forget to love. We forget to appreciate the love of others. The process of gaining height seems so intoxicating. So we keep marching upward. As we move upwards our ego expands. We feel proud that we achieved heights that no one else could. We feel happy that no responsibilities (strings) tie us down anymore. We feel happy that we are relieved of the everyday humdrum pressures of life (atmospheric pressure in case of the balloon). And then suddenly, alone in stratospheric heights, we just burst apart.

So be thankful of the responsibilities that pull you down. Be thankful of the irritating pressures of life that keeps you humble. There is fun in flying high, but never sever the string that keeps you connected to the ground, and to the people who derive pleasure in your flight.

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