Friday, November 27, 2009

A Runner's View

This Fall, during my runs in and around Bloomington, I had sometimes taken photographs of the surroundings with my cellphone. Today, while taking a look at those pictures, I got an idea: weaving a picture-story out of those snaps. Hope you like it.
(All the pictures used here were taken this Fall and using my cellphone.)

(Note: The above picture is of my running buddy Nick and me, just before the start of the Knobstone Trail Mini Marathon. It was wet and cold like hell, so much so that the person whom we requested to take our picture could not just keep his hands steady.)

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  1. Dese pics r really clear colorful n really authentic ,lively n d most beautiful 1ce amongst all ur pics.luks as if nature is at its best.n i m vijayalaxmi