Saturday, July 18, 2020

A Regret & A Resolve

A Regret & A Resolve

I have but one regret in life
That I wasted a lot of time
On people, pursuits, and things
That amounted to nothing.

I know what you gonna say
My victories, I shouldn't downplay
Somethings weren't just meant to be.
Life is a mixed bag, I agree.

But I do not lament over failures
I only regret the squandered hours
That I could've used wisely
For adventure, play, and enquiry.

As Sri Krishna said, "Life is a leela."
So, do not be attached to the mela
Experience and savor what it offers
And then proceed on your endeavors.

But only pursue the vital few
That's all that should matter to you
Discard all that's inconsequential
And your life will be worthwhile.


  1. There is always time to do much more....nothing goes in vain, the squanders have made you wiser and have a different perspective even a better one.Keep going....

    1. Thank you, Sanjay! I appreciate your comment and encouraging words.

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