Monday, September 29, 2014

A Short Note on Writing

It's been what, about two months, since I last wrote a piece on my blog? Somehow it seems much longer, may be because last night, when I finally sat to write a new post, I had excruciating difficulty transferring my thoughts into words and sentences. Or may be I was just physically tired. Who knows? But I'm now happy that the words are not grumbling against me when I am trying to write them out of my system. Instead they seem to be much happier out of me than they were inside me. They seem to be loving their new address, i.e., this blog, much more than their old address which was my head. Now, I don't think that my head is a bad place to be in, because I do sincerely nurture all ideas and words living there, but they don't want to stay locked in there forever.

Writing, in this sense, may not be very different from parenting, where you, the writer is the parent, and your ideas and words are your kids. You have to carefully nurture your fledgling ideas; otherwise they die a premature death. However, you can't let them stay inside your head forever. As you are responsible to nurture your ideas to maturity, you are also responsible to let them out of your head when they have reached an appropriate level of maturity. If you hold on to them beyond that point, they hesitate to come out of your head, unsure whether they will be able to survive outside your head. The trick to effective writing then perhaps lies in accurately gauging the maturity level of one's thoughts and ideas. If you try to push them out onto paper when they are still puerile, they are likely to get stymied by the stronger words and ideas of others that are all competing for people's attention. However, if you don't let them out timely, they literally fuss and squawk with you to avoid being thrown away from the security of being inside your head. Thankfully, I have managed to at least throw one idea out of my head this weekend, albeit a little late. But then as they say, "Better late than never."

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