Sunday, July 27, 2014

Choosing bikes over cars

This weekend has been a little busy and hectic for me as I made an urgent trip from my parents' place in Odisha to Hubli, Karnataka to be next to my niece who would be undergoing a tonsillectomy tomorrow. Consequently, I haven't had much time to write anything for this weekend's post. So instead of posting a long article this weekend, I am deciding on just posting a few pictures from my Europe trip early this Summer. These pictures are to highlight how bike- and rickshaw-friendly European cities are becoming. In contrast to India, where cities are getting clogged up with millions of new cars and motorbikes every day, people in Europe are increasingly choosing the bicycle for their daily commute. I wish people in India, US and countries across the world move to this simple, healthy and environment-friendly mode of personal transport. I still fondly remember from my childhood days how the majority of the middle class population in smaller Indian cities commuted through bicycle. No wonder the majority of people then were healthy and the cities had cleaner air. Sadly now there is an epidemic of lifestyle diseases in the same small towns of India. We can regain a large part of the health that people enjoyed just a couple of decades back by consciously choosing bicycles over cars and motorbikes. The revolution of bicycle wheels is the revolution we truly need in India and everywhere in this world.

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