Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Meaning of Life

Your friends make so much of a difference to your lives. Without them, life would be dull, boring, and even meaningless. I feel fortunate to have some really great friends in my life. John Lennon had once said, "I get by with little help from my friends." I don't know in what context he had made that statement; may be he was just being modest. But I "get by" really because of my friends; if I didn't have the support of some of my friends, life would surely have been very miserable for me. It's kind of strange that relationships provide meaning to our life, even though we come alone into this world and will leave alone.

As I write on this blog, several more people continue to lose their lives because of the terror attack in Mumbai. People who were going about their regular life in Mumbai would never have imagined that they would be sprayed with bullets by some crazy terrorists, that they would be lying in a hospital struggling for their lives. In fact, I could have been one of those victims, if I was still working in Mumbai with the Tatas. My office was in the South Mumbai area, I stayed in the same area, and often took night strolls along with my roommates on the same road on which the terrorists went spraying their bullets. Life is so ephemeral! We will never know for sure that we will be alive a moment from now. So, let's make the most out of every moment of our lives; let's rejoice our friendships; let's continue to work towards our livelihood, but not get trapped by the lure of money or the external trappings of success; let's start putting our efforts towards a worthy cause - so we have the satisfaction that we did our bit before leaving this world.

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