Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mastering Grace: Lessons from Our Ancestors

Mastering Grace

To come with grace, to grow with grace
To smile with grace, to cry with grace
To sit with grace, to wait with grace
To walk with grace, to run with grace

To speak with grace, to sing with grace
To play with grace, to work with grace
To consume with grace, to dispose with grace
To luxuriate with grace, to suffer with grace

To fight with grace, to unite with grace
To give with grace, to receive with grace
To love with grace, to forgive with grace
To laugh with grace, to grieve with grace

To win with grace, to lose with grace
To fall with grace, to rebound with grace
To pray with grace, to surrender with grace
To live with grace, to leave with grace...

For the art of living is nothing but to embrace
Both life's beauty and its inherent unfairness
And to allow ourselves to coalesce
With the boundless Nothingness.

Note: The art of living is to master the art of dying... gracefully. For those familiar with the Hindu tradition will know that we are currently observing Pitrupaksh, the fortnight during which we pay homage to our ancestors. The above poem is my ode to the departed ancestors.


  1. At this point/time of my life, reading the poem gives solace to me.
    The poem in itself is the basis of human life.

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