Monday, February 13, 2017

A Vestige of Romance?

I posted the above picture on Facebook a couple of days ago, and received quite a lot of responses. Well, "lot" for a regular guy like me, because I am not a beautiful girl or a celebrity. Many of my friends and even a few of my friends' friends were amused at my photograph, and responded with laughs and LOLs. But a few friends also got concerned, and messaged to check if I was well. I guess some people perceive me to be too serious a person to joke around.😁

On one of my WhatsApp groups, a friend commented, "Dr. Love going Dr. Anti-love." Of course, I am not exactly anti-love; I just prefer to stay away from the kind of love that is prevalent these days. However, my friend's comment reminded me of a book that I had read a long time ago when as an undergraduate student  I was preparing for admissions into Masters programs. The book was Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis. Lewis emphasized in his book that there was a distinct difference between the words "antisocial" and "asocial." He explained that antisocial people are the ones that were inclined to harm others and destroy property (because of whatever psychopathology), whereas asocial people are the ones who were not interested in socializing and thus avoided social situations.

There is no word "alove" but if there was, then that is the word I would have used to describe myself,. Not "anti-love." That said, words in prose format often don't do justice to the sentiments they seek to express. So here goes a poem that I had written a couple of years ago. I had never shared it with the public before but the world can have it now.

A Vestige of Romance?

Every now and then
Love smiles at men
In misery and pain,
Soothing their wounds
And giving them hope.
But when you begin
Enjoying her love
Time changes with a
Hasty break up.

I just wonder why
Love came and passed by.
Oafish was I? Or am I a
Vestige of romance
Engulfed in a world of
Utilitarian expanse?

I know life's like that.
Sometimes you win, but
Then you fall flat.
I thought once that
Love conquered all, but
Love today isn't sincere.
Dazzle, it may dear, but
Overpowered it is by fear.

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