Tuesday, April 26, 2011


(The above picture was taken at Bloomington's Griffy Lake)


I wanted to leave a mark,
I wished to glow in the dark.
But when I tried to carve,
My name I heard somebody laugh.

I looked around to see,
Who it could be.
But there was no one around.
So from where came that sound?

I refocused on the rock.
That's when I got my big shock.
The rock had turned into water!
Now useless was my stone cutter.

I still tried to engrave my name,
Desperate that I was to make my claim.
But on water you can't leave a mark,
It's gone even before you complete an arc.

I got frustrated and confused.
Now, how could I carry on with my pursuit,
Of leaving a great legacy?
I felt I was losing my self-efficacy.

Disappointed and dejected,
I thought it was time I aborted
My dream. And that was when
I heard that sound again.

"You don't have to worry!
Things may seem a little blurry,
But that's because you see solid,
When reality is always fluid."

"At first a stone may seem real hard,
But if you learn to discard,
The illusions you hold in your mind,
Empty space is all you'll find."

That's all that I heard!
Followed by silence, totally absurd.
Then what was that voice,
That left without a trace?

I wondered for a while,
But there was no one within a mile.
So, I gave up my search,
And rested on a perch.

That's when I saw a little boy,
Flapping his hands in the water with joy.
I remembered when on sand I would play,
Make a castle and enjoy seeing it washed away.

Eureka! Eureka! That is it! That is it!
Seemed like I had got a big insight.
Forget leaving a big mark,
Just play like kids in a park.

So, I threw away my stone cutter,
And dived straight into the water,
I swum along with the flow,
And found myself full of glow.

I gave up trying to leave a legacy,
For it seems nothing but a fallacy.
Now I just let myself get thrown,
Into what they call a 'zone.'


  1. beautiful!! it has great meaning that life teaches us every moment.

  2. Very well written buddy..deep insights!!

  3. Thanks Sandeep! I appreciate your kind words, buddy.

  4. You made me realize about an ultimate truth...no words to express how amazing the poem is and also the theme...I am proud of you , my brother