Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring 2011 in Bloomington

This Spring semester has been a very busy one. I have no complaints though, because busy-ness is always good for business. Most of my time these days is spent running experiments for my dissertation. Whatever little time is left after that, gets used up in the routine tasks of running errands, running numbers, or just plain, simple running. Running, of course, is good for you, but it is also important to stop, breathe, and enjoy the beauty in and around us. So in between my runs, I make sure to pause periodically to pay attention to my breath. These pauses help me become more mindful of my mind and environment. The pictures below are the outcome of few such mindful moments while walking on the roads of the beautiful, blooming Bloomington in Spring.


  1. so lovely flowers .nice dat u r njoying beauty of nature ,a pernanant beauty .but even nature has a lesson to teach us dat if we interfere in natures ways we wll get punished .moreover all d colors in nature teach us dat to enjoy beauty we need not pay money .basically nature teaches us dat we shud take out time to STAND N STARE n not make ourselves 2oooooooooo busy .so lovely pics n njoy paresh .live life to its fullest njoying all natural things .bye i m n v laxmi BDW bye

  2. Very beautiful flowers,really its a mindful movements.