Friday, January 28, 2011

Goofing Around

Today, I stumbled on a bunch of photographs that had been lying locked up inside my old digital camera. I had just not bothered to transfer the pictures out of the camera. Anyway, after I transfered the pictures, what I saw was definitely amusing. I don't see myself as an actor, but here I was making faces like some comedian. I guess when you are around kids, you can't help not goof around. That's the power kids have. My niece sure turns my world upside down. And frankly, I love the upside down view of the world more than the straight one.

(I don't know who took these pictures; must have been my sister or brother-in-law.)


  1. yes paresh ur make us do all sort of things which we eencant imagine .1ce our snap is captured we woud know how we luk.until den we forget ourselves wid our kids.dats why it is tru dat a mother wid kids till age of 5 doesnt know how time flies n eventually realizes dat her kid has turned out to be in xth std n finally inti a young man .i cudnt know when my son came 2 xth n realized dat wid kids time flies vry fast.ur pics are truly realistic as like a son being parented by his dad loses sense of camera n plays pranks wid his kids.we usually lose all dese memories but we shud preserve dem .even sudhirs IT article was gud .it was informative .n d quote ''DONT TELL GOD HOE BIG UR PROB IS ,TELL UR PROB HOW BIG GOD IS IS REALLY SUPERB N AUTHENTIC.keep posting n liking such articles for all of us .

  2. Wow!! lovely photos. Mimi is looking so cute.
    She is enjoying seeing your different expressions on your face. Love you both.