Friday, March 26, 2010

So, who is the "better catch"?


  1. I couldn't understand of your this drawing.

  2. Thanks Prachi, for being a regular visitor to Udyama. In this cartoon, I am trying to take a humorous look at men's double standards with respect to women and waiting. As you know, the phrase "better catch" is used in reference to dating. If you are a 'better catch' you are most likely better looking and more sexy than the rest of your group, and thereby preferred over others in dating. But the phrase (at least based on its origins) essentially compares a woman with a fish. More funny is the fact that men (at least the ones who fish using rods) spend hours waiting for a fish to come to their bait. Yet the same men will complain if their beloved is a few minutes late. I got idea about this cartoon when I noticed that virtually everyone of the people fishing at a local lake were men.