Thursday, October 15, 2009

I have friends who have healthy habits and I have friends who don't.

Today I read an interesting news report about how the health habits of women vary across different cities of USA. The report said, "The place women exercise the most isn't a sunny paradise such as Honolulu—it's Midwestern Madison, Wisconsin. Eighty-five percent of women here get regular exercise, in part because many women combine their workout and their daily commute. Sun or snow, women here are twice as likely to walk to work, compared with our list average, and are 250 percent more likely to go to work on a bike. ... In chilly Fargo, North Dakota, women stay connected and energized via running clubs."

As weather gets colder, it will become difficult to do outdoor workouts. And many people give bad weather as the excuse for not getting their workouts. However, as

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