Friday, May 1, 2009

I had visited a special school once in Bloomington. I was accompanying my friend Ramaa Ph.D. student in Special Educationto observe activities at the school. The school that we were visiting was part of the Head Start programa federal program that provides grants to preschools serving kids from economically disadvantaged families. I was very impressed by the quality and variety of educational equipments that the school had. Although I was not new to the American school system—in fact, I had worked in the system for three yearsI was surprised to see the amount of facilities the school had. I guess I was expecting to see a run down facility. But what I saw was something huge--an excellent facility that had the best of modern equipments. When will India have such facilities? When will my small town in Orissa have such facilities? I have to make sure that such things happen soon.

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Although I had worked in the American school system before, today's visit triggered thoughts that have
I am very thankful that my friend took me with her, because the spending time at the sc

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