Saturday, May 16, 2009

760's Photographs

I have posted drawings on this blog, but never any photographs. So, I thought, "Why not some photographs?"

You might be wondering, "What's special about these photographs?" Well, two things. First, they all show different parts of the beautiful campus of Indiana University, Bloomington. Second, these pictures have all been taken on a cellphonemy new Sony W760aand not on a regular digital camera. I never thought one could get such good quality pictures from a cellphone's camera. The resolution of the camera is not muchonly 3.2 mega pixelswhich would be considered too low by today's digital cameras' standards. But the above pictures show that the megapixel argument is nothing more than a myth and marketing gimick; if you click on the pictures, you can see them in their full resolution. Of course, my cellphone camera doesn't have image stabilization, flash, and fast shutter speedfeatures that are very important while taking pictures in poor lighting or of moving objects. Yet, for regular still pictures it works great.

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