Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hungry Men & Food Prices

President Bush recently commented that there is a rise in food prices in US because people in poorer countries have started eating better and more. These comments are of course ill-informed and in bad taste. Per capita food consumption is highest in the US. Developing countries such as India and China trail far behind in per capita food consumption. Check out the comparison graphic in the New York Times article, "Indians Find U.S. at Fault in Food Cost" for more details. I have personally witnessed the huge amounts of food that is wasted by students in American school cafeterias. I have no statistics, but I surmise that the amount of food that is wasted daily in the schools of America alone, may be enough to feed millions of hungry mouths in in Africa and Haiti. Let's respect food. Let's take only that much in our plate that we can eat, and not waste even a single morsel of food. Even better, let's eat only the amount that we need to eat, because some of us "can" eat a lot, and do eat a lot. Help in the the eradication of obesity and starvation from this world.

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