Sunday, December 23, 2007

No Movie with Good Ending

The last posting on my blog is now over a month old. My school work which kept me busy actually got over a week back. However, I didn't want to do anything with reading and writing for at least a week, and so didn't write anything for my blog. I spent the last week mostly doing two things: watching movies and sleeping. I watched upto two movies per day and slept for over 10 hours daily. As if 15 hours were not enough, I spent even the rest of the time in a dream world. I have always been a good daydreamer but sometimes dreams can be so vivid that one is not anymore sure if it is dream or reality. I'll cut short my dreams here because today's blog is not about dreams anyway. Anybody can dream; it's making the dreams come true that matters.

Coming back to movies, the most that I watched last week were borrowed from the public library. However, I won't write about them because they were too many. I'll write about the two new movies I saw yesterday at the theater: I am Legend and No Country for Old Men. There must be a lot of reviews about these movies out there on the internet. So I won't write a full-fledged review about them. I'll just write about one aspect that I think was common to both the movies, i.e., a lack of good ending. Actually, "lack of good ending" would be a misnomer because No Country for Old Men seemed to end without an ending. It was as if the technician operating the projector in the theater forgot to play the last reel. Of course the technician hadn't forgotten anything. The credits started rolling almost abruptly at the end of a scene. May be I am just plain stupid and didn't understand the ending, because the movie was otherwise brilliantly made. I thought I am Legend was also a well made movie, but its ending was hackneyed.

Poor endings is often a problem with movies. It is disappointing when it happens with otherwise well made movies. Why do many good stories have poor endings? Perhaps it requires more creativity than the other parts of a story. How many different ways can you end a story and still be surprising? I am sure that's a tough task. Of course, all stories don't have to have surprising endings. Some stories are great because of the richness with which they explore the characters, and the vividness of the imaginary world created by them. Others are great because of how closely they portray real life. That said, I think it's high time I started working on making my dreams closer to reality. Goodbye.

P.S: Sorry about the abruptness with which I ended my blog.

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