Saturday, February 25, 2017

Jai Shiva Shankar Jai Gangadhar (Raag Shankara)

It seems like an eternity since I recorded or posted a song. Well, the only reason I didn't is because I just had been away from music. Both my listening and practicing of music has been very poor for over a year now. Not surprisingly, my voice and singing skills have been growing rusty. I have been wishing to revive my passion for music, but then when you have been away from an activity for a while, it becomes progressively difficult to revive the practice. I had to get over my psychological inertia, so I decided take the opportunity of the Maha Shivaratri festival today to learn and record a Shiva bhajan. So here goes my Shiva bhajan:

Song: Jai Shiva Shankar Jai Gangadhar
Original Singers & Composers: Pt. Rajan Mishra & Pt. Sajan Mishra
Raag: Raag Shankara
Taal: Teen Taal (16 beats)

The bhajan is my humble dedication to the Adiyogi, the man who taught mankind the discipline of yoga, which is essentially the science and technology of uplifting our selves to progressively higher levels of divinity. I don't know if my bhajan will uplift you in anyway, but it surely was an uplifting experience for me to learn and record the song.


  1. wonderful bro... It was mesmerising. Long back you sang "Man tadapat haridarshan ko aaj",... Still rings in my head.
    Its delightful to listen to your voice again.

    1. Hey Vishnu! Such a pleasant surprise!! Thank you for listening and your kind words. Hope you are still singing. It used to be so much fun singing duets with you during our BMR days.

  2. Oh Paresh! So happy feeling....Just listening to your voice. I really miss your singing.
    as Vishnu said.... me too remember 'Mann tadapat tadapat hari..' and 'pukaarta chala hoon mein'

    Keep singing!
    Do you have any vdos or VN of your singing..would love to listen to you.


    1. Thank you, Shiny, for your sweet and kind comments. I too remember your songs, especially "Dumaa dum mast kalandar."

      I had quite a lot of audio clips on available on my blog before, which became inaccessible when the made some formatting changes. I need to reset those audios, but haven't had the time to do it. But for now, you can access videos on youtube. Here are a few links:

      Thanks again,