Saturday, February 25, 2012

Name will be forgotten

Haven't been singing for a while, but today the song Naam Gum Jaayega just got into my head. Gulzar's poetry is exceptional. Below is my rendition of the song along with the English translation of the lyrics.


My name will be forgotten,
My face will change,
My voice will be my only identity left,
If you care to remember.

The sorrows of fate are cruel,
But beautiful nonetheless.
Today is the only present,
Because there is no tomorrow.
If we ever meet transcending time,
My voice will be my only identity

What is gone,
Belonged to yesterday.
It wasn't a lifetime,
It must have been just one night.
If that night ever gets repeated again,
My voice will be my only identity.

When the day turns into dusk,
The night isn't far.
At that time of your life,
Raise your inner light,
If you remember me, and feel sad,
My voice will be my only identity.


  1. Sung very well with all the harkaten in place! However, you make it sound very sad! Can we have another happy version too from you?:)

    1. Thank you for your feedback, Ma'am! I didn't intend the song to sound lugubrious. I guess the slight pensive mood that I was in yesterday, unconsciously affected my singing. Will record a new version. :)