Thursday, December 22, 2011

Filled with love...

In ode to love, here's a beautiful ghazal that is based on Raga Kafi. It was originally sung by the Pakistani Ghazal maestro Mehdi Hassan for the Pakistani movie Chahat (1974).

If you hadn't heard the original, you can find it here.

English Translation of Lyrics

Filled with love, those bashful eyes
From which my heart derives peace
No one knows why they are so bashful.
Oh, how do they make me long (for you)?

Filled with love....

My heart just wants to sing for you
As you listen, I keep on singing for you
If you stay with me
I'll even rebuff the world
I'll charm your heart

Filled with love...

I'm scared that I might get separated from you
That on losing you, I can't find you
I hope this doesn't happen that
When I take your name on my lips
I only roll down as drops of tears

From which my heart derives peace
Filled with love, those bashful eyes...


  1. Speechless can their be a better Ode to love, uniting two pineing souls.....?

  2. wow..
    ms. asai