Saturday, June 18, 2011

For No One

Here comes a post after a long time. Have been very busy with my dissertation, but today I decided to take a break. Went to the local farmer's market in the morning, took a long lazy nap in the afternoon, then spicy mirchi bhajji in the evening at my friend's place. Can a day be any more relaxing? After I came back home, put on music, and there was this beautiful Beatles song that started playing, "For no one." I just love this song. Thought I may as well try to sing it. It's a kind of quick recording, without much rehearsal, but I hope it isn't too bad. It's of course difficult to recreate the magic of Paul McCartney, especially when it is one of his best work. But for me the fun is always in the play, not the outcome of it. So I am pleased. And as the title of the song goes, this song is dedicated to no one.

Now, I am off to spending a "Midnight in Paris."


  1. good, i also enjoyed.

  2. Your music always speaks from the heart and conveys what needs to :-).