Friday, December 17, 2010

Tujhse naraaz nahin zindagi...

Here's my freestyle singing of the beautiful song Tujhse naraaz nahin zindagi from Masoom. How much soever strange it may sound, I actually hadn't seen the movie until today, although I always loved the song. By the way, I didn't rehearse the song, and just sang it freestyle. So, please forgive my flaws.

Here's the translation of the song:

I am not upset with you, O' life.. I am just baffled.
I am confused with your innocent questions.

Never ever thought that in order to live,
I would have to take care of sorrows.
That for my smiles, I would have to pay a debt of smiling.
So when I smile, it seems like, I am incurring debt on my lips.

Today, if my eyes get filled with tears, let them flow.
Who knows for whom these eyes will be desperate tomorrow?
Don't know where it got lost, the one tear that I had kept hidden from everyone.

Life, your sorrows have taught me a lot of new things about relationships.
Whatever I get, be it sunlight, or the cool shade of love....

I am not upset with you, O' life.. I am just baffled.
I am distressed by your innocent questions.


  1. Thanks it was treat to hear you as always..:-)

  2. effortless singing as always!

  3. thank You Paresh Great to hear this song from ....You....Lovely....My everlasting lifes best song...Emotion INTACT for the string...LOved it totally.last line mein...curve aagaya.chalega.
    Hearing this makes me to request the another SONG..come on u will...THANKS
    Yeh Jivaan jivan ka yehi hai-2 rang Kishore from movie Piya ka ghar