Thursday, October 14, 2010

This is all life is about...

Kisi ki muskurahton pe....

Here is a real sweet song from the 1959 movie Anari. Written by Shailendra, composed by Shankar-Jaikishan, and originally sung by Mukesh, this song urges us to live a compassionate life. I simply love the lyrics of this song! They really don't write such lyrics anymore. Of course, our current poetry reflects the mind and mood of our present society. May be we have all become so engrossed in the pursuit of success that we have forgotten the values of love and compassion. This song reminds us what true life is all about.

Here's my crude translation of the lyrics:

To offer oneself for someone's smile,
To take away sorrows from somebody's life (if you can),
To be there for somebody, with your heart filled with love,
This is the meaning of life.

True, based on the contents of my wallet, I am just a beggar,
But I am very rich in my heart.
Sacrificing oneself for love, that is life,
Getting destroyed to help bring Spring, that is life.
There may be those who believe otherwise,
But I am certain this is the meaning of life.

With relations based on heart-to-heart trust,
The name of love will live on through me.
Even after I die, I will live on in someone's memories,
I will continue to smile in the tear drops of someone.
So, again and again, a flower will teach blossoming buds,
"This is the meaning of life."

Here's my rendition of the song:


  1. nicely sung by u.This is one of my favorite song, i want to live the pholosophy of this song but most of time my personal needs & weakness over power me.

  2. One of my all time fav songs sung with feeling, Paresh! Next do Chand Ahen...

  3. Thank you Ma'am and Prachi!! It's just such an inspiring song :)

  4. Wow..nicely sang..very melodies