Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Akela Hoon Main

I know this post is over a month late, and I was supposed to have written about my experiences of the IU Mini Marathon 2010. Well, it was a hell of a race, and I sure enjoyed it thoroughly. The day after the race, I also did sit in front of my laptop to type down my race experience, but then I wondered, "Who cares about all the details of my experiences in a running race?" No one. Well, my family and some friends do care, but I can always tell them the details when they ask. I decided to spare you (the reader) the boredom of having to read a narcissistic account of how I managed to finish a half marathon 15 seconds faster than my previous best time. There is a thin line separating the childlike urge to excitedly share your exploits and the narcissistic desire to brag about your achievements. I wasn't sure which part was dominating, so I decided to just not post anything.

Fast forward to the present, I was in a mood to sing today. It's a little odd because, I have not been singing much in a while and am currently all congested with spring-allergies. Plus, I have a huge pile of work on my table that needs urgent attention; if I don't take care of that pile on priority, there is clear and imminent danger of it breaking through my apartment's roof and leaving me roofless. But then you got to sing, when you feel like singing. So, I just jammed for a couple of hours this morning. I also recorded a song titled Akela Hoon Main from the 1962 movie Baat Ek Raat Ki. It is a Mohd. Rafi classic. It's of course, impossible for me to match the finesse of Mohd. Rafi, but I tried my best. Hope you like it. Here's the link to the original song, if you are interested.

To watch the video below in full view on Youtube follow this link.

In case you are wondering, why I shot my shadow and not myself in the video, read through the translation of the lyrics of the song:

I'm all alone in this world
If I have any friend, it's my shadow
I'm all alone, in this world...

I'm not an infatuated moth, nor a crazy fellow
I'm not part of any gathering
Lonely paths take hold of me, who cares about the destination now,
I'm a traveler of the heart

If I have any friend, it's my shadow
I'm all alone, in this world...

Like a lonely swan leaving the banks of a lovely lake
The same way (you see), I, the vagabond is travelling on the crests of waves
Alone beneath the moon and stars

If I have any friend, it's my shadow
I'm all alone, in this world...


  1. Hey, that's a brilliant idea to have shot your shadow to give meaning to your song.
    what makes you so..... melancholic?
    I just rememberd Hitler's words :-
    When you are in light everyone follows you,
    But when you are in darkness, your own shadow also does not follow you.

    You love running isn't it?
    But stop running away from your problems (even if it is the dump of work on your table). Stop, turn around and face it, the problems will start running away from you.....

  2. super song sung by your heart....have been listening to this song since eve!!!!!!!keep posting more!!