Friday, February 27, 2009

Zindagi Dene Wale Sun...

Zindagi dene wale sun, teri duniya se dil bhar gaya... There is so much pathos in those words! Talat Mehmood, with his golden voice, had sung this song for the 1953 movie called Dil-E-Nadan. I love this song. Of course, it's best heard in Talat Mehmood's melancholic voice, but this song was running in my mind today the whole afternoon—so, I thought I might as well sing it after reaching home. Fortunately, I found a karaoke. So here goes my attempt at singing this beautiful song.

Lyrics: Shakeel Badayuni
Music Composer: Ghulam Mahommed

Zindagi dene wale sun - by Paresh.mp3


  1. Hi Paresh,
    You are improving.I feel in staring of the song you wont appeal,but then in middle and ending of song you do well.

  2. Hey there is a similar song,
    Duniya bananewale, kya tere mann mein samayee,
    Tune kahe ko duniya banayee?
    It was my dad's favourite song. Would be glad to here this song from you.

  3. its simply great. can't put it into words...

  4. Paresh, very nice! Keep it up! It is very hard to match up to Talat, but you have come closer than most people I have heard.