Saturday, October 4, 2008

Raag Sohini - Jhoomti Chali Hawa

Yesterday evening, my friends taught me a new raag: Raag Sohini. It's such a beautiful raag that I just could not just stop listening to the raag until very late in night - 1am to be precise; at 1am I forced myself to bed, because I had to wake up early for a 5K race. I think I'll skip the 5K part for the time being  (I can talk about it tomorrow), and just focus on Raag Sohini.

I am posting my recording of the song Jhoomti Chali Hawa on my blog today; this song is based on Raag Sohini. The song was originally sung by Mukesh and the music was composed by S N Tripathi. In my recording, I have added a few embellishments here and there, and end the song at a much higher note (Dha) than in the original song (Ga). I am not sure if these changes sound good, but it's my attempt to play around with the raag. As many of you know, I don't have formal training in classical music; so please let me know if I am making any mistakes anywhere and I will try to correct them. 

One last thing: From now onwards, I will post my renditions with the suffix - My Version. By "my version" I mean it's not an original track. The reason I am making this change is that I noticed that the song Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki that I had posted earlier had been downloaded over 100 times in the last week; certainly, not so many people were interested in listening to my singing, and must have downloaded the song thinking it to be the original.

Jhoomti Chali Hawa - My Version.mp3

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  1. Hey Paresh,
    Nice rendition. Your range is very good. That was creative- Rafi-ing a Mukesh's song. Really demonstrates your range. Also, you are able to induce 'feeling' into the song. A little more attention to 'yaad agaya' and it will be perfect.

    About Mukesh- I call his songs harmonium songs, cos I could play most of them effortlessly on the harmonium since my childhood:). Think about 'Jane Kahan gaye woh din'. The music directors were of course perceptive enough to realize that Mukesh could stay within the raag as long as the notes didn't fall between the cracks:) and the song was constructed within 1 and 1/2 octaves unlike Rafi. So what makes him stand out? His personal voice quality of course, as we discussed earlier.

    Once again- nice singing! Keep it up.