Sunday, September 28, 2008

Raag Pahadi: Suhani Raat Dhal Chuki

From today, I'm starting a new addition to my blog: music. When I created this blog, my aim was to freely express my passions, interests, and ideas. But somehow music never got a seat on this blog, although I am very passionate about music. That changes from today; I will periodically add my rendition of some of my favorite songs (recorded on my built-in laptop microphone). Hope you like the songs.

All my musically inclined friends, please do not hesitate to post your harshest critiques about my singing. Your comments help me improve - so, I value them a lot.

So here goes my first song on this blog: Suhaani raat dhal chuki from the movie Dulari, originally sung by Md. Rafi and composed by Naushad.


  1. You are a gifted singer and this rendition is true to the raga. Keep singing:)

    By the way- this is a wonderful idea- to share your own music through blog. I had heard about others doing it on yahoo chat room and always wanted to start something like this myself. Glad you did:)

  2. it sounds really beautiful, paresh!!

  3. I agree with Rama. It is a great idea that you've implemented!

    What I like the best about your singing is its depth. Please post "saathi na koi manzil" sometime.

  4. Very nice voice indeed.

    Note the similarity in the first line of this song and "Chaundavi ka chand". Both raag Pahadi.

    1. Thank you, Somesh! And you are absolutely right about Chaudvin ka chang being in the same raga. I noticed on your profile that you are a professor at UW-Madison; are you into Indian classical music as well?